Mindful Birth Preparation Classes


What is it you are seeking from your childbirth education?

Are you trying to work out how to achieve a certain kind of birth?

Do you wonder how you will cope with pain, how your partner can support you?

Perhaps you don’t know what you need to know yet?

You may be excited, scared or a little of both, and no doubt you have many questions. Holistic birth preparation acknowledges the unique journey that birth and parenting is, and as such knows there is no formula or right way to do this.

While you will learn practical information about birth and effective pain coping skills, you also have the opportunity to discover your own answers, gain insights into yourself, to develop your own strength, resilience and compassion as you head into the great unknown of birth and parenting.

Some of the things we cover in a Holistic birth preparation classes

• Explore your beliefs, ideas and worries about birth
• Increase your confidence levels about coping with pain and the unexpected
• Create a unique and different kind of map for your journey
• Prepare on all levels for birth and parenthood (physical, mental/intellectual as well  as emotional/psychological)
• Learn practical information about labour, birth and the post natal time
• Learn effective pain coping practices for birth and beyond
• Special Dad’s/Partners session
• Discover how to deal with unexpected events in birth and parenting
• Experience unique, introspective, multi-sensory processes, lively discussions

And much more…..

It can be hard to know which birth preparation class is going to suit your own needs, there are often many options and some sound very appealing don’t they? I have over 14 years experience in both Birthing From Within (I was the first Certified Australian) and HypnoBirthing which means I have an in depth understanding about different kinds of preparation that few birth educators do, so that you can gain the benefit of this too.

For upcoming class dates and times click here: Upcoming Birthing From Within® Classes

To enquire or book into a class click here: Contact me

2 thoughts on “Mindful Birth Preparation Classes

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I am interested in attending your birthing from within classes. I am currently only 13 weeks. How often do you hold the classes? Do I just keep checking the website as I get closer to the 22- 35 week mark?

    Thank you,

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