Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) Classes

Whether you are having your first baby or adding a baby to your family, Dunstan Baby Language Classes can help you better understand your baby’s needs, feel more confident as a parent to settle your baby and experience better sleep and less stress.


Imagine a mother waking at 2am to her crying newborn. She has been up only 2 hours before this. She assumes that her baby must be waking because he’s hungry again, so she gets him up and tries to feed him. Her baby fusses at the breast, pulling on and off, squirming, crying and not feeding well. She takes him off and tries again several times to offer him the breast, he sucks a little and keeps coming off and screaming. After some time, she cries with frustration and exhaustion. Her baby is very unsettled and often doesn’t feed easily, he takes a long time to settle to sleep, and spits up a lot. Her partner hearing her crying comes out to see what’s wrong, he feels helpless because he doesn’t know what to do either.

Now, imagine another mother also waking to her newborn. She notices (although she is still waking up), that her baby is making the sound for “upper wind”. He has only been down to sleep for half an hour, so she knows that most likely if she helps him clear the wind, he will probably settle back to sleep. (If she didn’t understand this, and fed her baby instead, he would most likely not feed well, get upset and then this could cause tummy upset and spitting up of milk. If she tried to settle him back to sleep, he would squirm, cry and probably end up screaming). She feels confident that when he wakes she can generally tell if he is hungry, still tired, has upper wind, or needs a nappy change/more or less clothing etc. Sometimes her partner wakes at the same time and says “it sounds like he need’s some help going back to sleep” and he gets up and helps baby settle back to sleep. They both understand their babies needs and work together as a team.

What is Dunstan Baby Language (DBL)?

  • A breakthrough method that teaches parents to understand the meaning of their baby’s cries
  • DBL covers the 5 everyday words that babies use from birth to communicate their everyday needs ie: hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind and discomfort
  • These words are based on physical reflexes coupled with sound

How is it different?

  • Mums know intuitively that babies have different cries for different needs. DBL is the first system to show parents exactly what each cry sounds like

The benefits


  • 90% of all mothers found the DBL system valuable and would recommend it to others
  • 100% of first time mothers reported that the system was highly valuable
  • 2 out of 3 fathers reported reduced stress levels, and more positive marital relationships as an immediate result of greater paternal involvement


  • 70% of mothers reported their baby settled faster
  • 50% of mothers experienced better feeding results
  • 50% of mothers reported and increase in uninterrupted sleep for their baby and themselves


  • 70% of parents experienced greater self esteem and a reduction in stress. They felt more confident, relaxed and in control.
  • 50% of mothers felt a greater bond with their baby

The benefits of DBL are supported by independent research studies in Australia, the USA and the UK in 2006/7 and observations of over 1000 babies.


The classes go much deeper into each of the 5 sounds as well as trouble shooting. Also included is combination sounds, baby led routine and settling techniques.



For couples in the last trimester of pregnancy:  Private classes available.

Couples/Mothers with newborns:  3 hour classes forming now.

Private classes: Complete a contact form to request a session.

To book in for a class or enquire about newborn or private classes, fill out your details on our contact page


Group classes: $80* per couple. (Includes classes, your own copy of the DBL DVD, DBL notes)

(*There is one place available in each group class at a reduced fee for those with financial difficulties)

Private Session: $100 per couple.

For DBL Testimonials click here:

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