Testimonials From Birth Workers

These are testimonials from Birth Workers Nicole from Your Birth Support has worked with.

“I highly recommend Nicole……. I had a deeply shifting session with her recently”

Sandra Mulligan from ADHOC Nanny Doula

“After our session together, my memories of the traumatic incident remained more as intellectual thought, almost completely devoid of emotion. That’s a very positive thing, as it allows me to revisit what happened in that birth so that the recollection can be instructive, rather than upsetting. Great outcome, I’d say!

I did a formal debrief of the birth we discussed as it occurred while I was still a student with the Australian Doula College. I think what was different about my work with you was that the debrief with my mentor focused on what I did or didn’t do or say around the traumatic incident, while you and I focused more on how I was feeling and what the event brought up for me. Our discussion helped to highlight a recurring theme in my life that was triggered by the pain of witnessing the baby’s trauma. Reflecting on our discussion and how that birth unfolded has helped me.

I loved the session and will definitely recommend it to others.”

Laura Lee Berlingieri from Sister Support Doula Care

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