About Me


Hi, I’m Nicole. As a mother of 3 children and childbirth educator, I know how important your birth is to you.

Having always been fascinated by the mystery and power of childbirth, I was drawn to this work in all honesty after listening to some friends stories of giving birth, the intensity they spoke with shook me quite frankly. When I started out at as a childbirth educator I was sure I had found the recipe for a great birth, instead I found out that one woman’s recipe for success can leave another women feeling unprepared, disappointed and let down.

Because I care deeply about women and how they are left feeling after birth, I took action and sought a better approach. What I found and fell in love with, was Birthing From Within. I now love mentoring couples to approach birth with confidence, resilience and determination in a realistic, compassionate way. I’ve seen around 500 clients over the past 14 years, and am constantly learning and modifying what I do, so that my clients have access to the best approaches available.

You want the best right? So do I, that’s why I committed to the most in depth Childbirth Education program available in the world. I have trained with two different methods, both Hypnobirthing and Birthing From Within, and now offer truly unique holistic birth preparation using a variety of processes and tools.

Birth Story Medicine is another part of my work that I love just as much as mentoring. I have seen through my own experience of birth trauma and hearing hundreds of clients birth stories, there is a need for a service to help people process emotionally difficult births, so they can re-frame their story and start healing.

I am also a tribe builder, bringing groups of women together to share, support and grow, via mum’s groups and women’s circles in my community.

Always learning and seeking new things for you

An eternal student, I love studying and learning all the time, and my clients teach me more than anything else. I am a visionary, I see a need for services and take action to bring these things to you and my local community. I’m not afraid to go off in a new direction if I believe its the best thing for the people I work with.

I have been responsible for bringing many new things to Shepparton, including Natural Fertility Management, Colonic Irrigation, HypnoBirthing, Birthing From Within, Birth Story Medicine, Dunstan Baby Language, and A Celebration Day For Girls, so you can rest assured that I have your needs and interests at heart always.

In 2016 I became the first Certified Birthing From Within Mentor in Australia, and was part of the first Advanced Birth Story Medicine cohort. In 2017 I started working with my mentor Pam England as a Birth Story Tutor, and now mentor Birth Story Listeners all over the world.

I also have over 25 years experience as a Naturopath specialising in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and baby care, and have worked at Natremed in Shepparton for almost all of this time. In 2017 when Natremed closed I started my own business.

An aspiring writer Nicole had her first articles published in 2017. Take a look here: https://yourbirthsupport.com/2017/05/22/nicole-is-a-writer/

What you can expect from me

As a mentor it’s my job to walk beside you as you find your own way on this journey. You can rely on me to have your back, to encourage you in the most compassionate of ways, without judgment and with a good dose of humour when required. I won’t ever ask you to do anything that I haven’t already done myself.

When I’m not at work

I am married and have 2 boys who are 15 and 11 years old and a daughter who is 6 years old. I also enjoy yoga, food and cooking, craft/creative things, reading and spending time with my family.

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