Client testimonials

I managed to get through 25 hours of labour and pushing without one little bit of pain relief! All thanks to you for making me believe in myself & that I could do it. You built my confidence from a 1 to 1000! Kelly

The classes felt nurturing to me and holistic. I feel much more prepared now to cope with unexpected events that may occur. It was nice to spend time with my husband  focusing together on our baby and us becoming parents and how we can support each other. Very helpful classes and prompted lots of discussions which are important to have before birth and parenting begin, and get clear on some of our feelings and expectations. I think it’s awesome how you tailor the classes to what WE most want or need to know. Paulette

Birthing From Within helped us to have the natural birth we were hoping for. We found the experience to be so rewarding. 

The result was amazing. Even after going through a 12 and a quarter hour labour,  I felt calm,  relaxed and stress free and was able to give birth to our beautiful little girl without the assistance of drugs. The breathing and visualisation techniques certainly helped us to achieve our desired outcome of having a natural birth with very little pain.  Jodie Sessions and Dan Matejic

My husband & I took Nicole’s ‘Birthing From Within’ class for our first baby. The techniques we learned helped us to feel more calm and ready for the impending birth of our son. For my husband, it was informative and gave him the confidence to help me during labour instead of not knowing what to do. For myself, it helped me to embrace the process of labour and birth and feel empowered. Nicole is amazingly supportive and friendly, and she openly answered all of our questions. The environment she has created for the class is positive, calm and informative. I highly recommend it for parents-to-be. Kat


The course helped us overcome some fears we were having, it was really beneficial and I would recommend the classes. Toby

What I liked and valued  most from the classes was working together with my husband using pain coping and the preparation for the fathers, he was very prepared. The pain coping definitely helped me get through labour without the use of drugs. Melissa

After the first day of class I had a huge mind shift. I am grateful for this. Nicole is very open and sharing-has invaluable experience and creates a great atmosphere for such an unknown and often scary topic for first time Mums. Sarah

My confidence in pain coping when I started the classes was 1 (no confidence) but when I finished it was 7 (very confident). It was such a positive and empowering experience. So pleased I did this and am really looking forward to the birth of my baby now. Justine

My confidence in pain coping went from a 2-3 to a 5-6. The classes helped my partner be more aware and confident, more relaxed, more understanding. Nicole was great, very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, we had fun and laughed, the time went very quickly. Deanne

My confidence in pain coping went from 3 to 6. I was able to ask questions without feeling embarrassed or intimidated. The classes helped my partner, it educated him on things he would never have had the chance to learn, provided comfort and realisation. Nicole is very approachable and it’s been a pleasure to be part of the classes and has helped me understand more about the whole birthing process and concerns. Anonymous

My pain coping confidence went from 3 to 6. The Birthing From Within classes influenced our relationship greatly, we enjoyed it and it gave us some great conversation starters. There have been many useful aspects and conversations.

My ability to help my partner in labour went from a 4 to 6, and we now have much more confidence towards the birth. Anonymous

My pain coping confidence went from a 3 to a 5 after the classes. I most liked the pain coping practices. The honest approach in conversation and video footage gave my husband an understanding of what’s ahead and he had an opportunity to express what he thinks, feels and wants. Anonymous

I would recommend the classes to pregnant friends and family, a practical way to work through fears and thoughts regarding birth and life change. Anonymous

My pain coping confidence went from a 1 to a 5. I most liked the pain coping practices, the tools to cope in any pain that I may encounter in life, not just in birth. I enjoyed the learning methods, group discussion, drawing, role plays, not just a lecture style which I find boring! Anonymous

I think the classes have given us a more positive “we can do this” feeling. Ben

My confidence in supporting my partner during birth went from 3 to 7. The classes have given my partner a great confidence in dealing with the pain, we know what to expect more. Anonymous

I found almost every pain coping practice valuable during the birth, they really helped me get through labour. Anon

All of the pain coping practices were valuable during labour. I felt well prepared for the birth and very prepared for unexpected things. I would absolutely recommend the classes to anyone. Anonymous

As a partner I felt well prepared to help my partner in labour and was very prepared for the unexpected. We both got to understand how each other felt about birth and babies. Ben

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