Birth Story Medicine® for Birth Workers

When you started out as a Birth Worker what did you hope you could change or achieve in your work with women and babies?

Do you sometimes forget or lose your way a little with the reality of the birth suite, struggle with what you witness, often having to carry some of the things you see silently with you?

Do you sometimes feel torn between your philosophy or ideals, and following the rules?

Are you feeling more cynical, hopeless and worn out by your work?

I’m guessing that you want the best for couples that you work with, and find it hard to see their upset, disappointment and trauma as well?

Perhaps you generally love your work, but have just had some isolated upsetting experiences. Either way, I’d love to help you work through your struggles.

Do you need support in processing a birth that you have supported and witnessed?

Would you like to feel resolved about a birth, to have relief from disappointment, anger, guilt or feeling numb, so that you can move forward with your work more freely to support others?

Have you already debriefed about a birth (casually or professionally), yet something still niggles at you about it?

Are you finding attending births taking a toll on you emotionally? Could this be affecting your ability to give 100%?

Do you have a birth story of your own that needs healing? Do you wonder if this affects your ability to serve others in some way?

Supporting others during pregnancy, birth and the post natal time can be such a rewarding, uplifting and satisfying path to be called to. At the same time it can be incredibly physically draining and emotionally taxing at times.

Would you like to be able to be more present with clients and bring the best of yourself to your work?

Birth Story Medicine is a unique process of exploring your birth story, re-framing and finding new meaning for yourself. While regular debriefing can be a valuable part of the healing process, it may not always go deep enough or give you the emotional release that you may be seeking. Your session will provide you with a safe, non-judgmental space where you can receive compassion, and gain self awareness and personal insights. Give yourself the gift of this uplifting, personal growth process, professional self care, and be the best Birth Worker you can be.


Birth Story Medicine Sessions are available face to face (in Shepparton, VIC) or via phone/skype

Fee: $90 (Sessions take around an hour).

To work with me click here:Birth Story Medicine Bookings

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My Mission for Birth Workers

When pregnant with my 3 children I employed the services of a private Midwife, and really valued and loved having this kind of care. I have worked with many Midwives and Doctors as a Naturopath over the past 20 years, through my work as a Childbirth Educator and Birth Story Listener, and have also educated Midwives and Doctors through hospital education sessions and information sessions. I am also a trained Doula and have attended births in both hospital and home settings.

I believe that Birth Workers are in the greatest need of Birth Story Medicine, even more than birthing women. If you look at the latest statistics, two thirds of Midwives have experienced traumatic birth, and 17% of them suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, these figures are double those that are quoted for birthing women. Although research hasn’t been conducted for Doulas as yet, I imagine they would be similar figures. I am committed to serving YOU the backbone of birth in our country.

Throughout the past 6 years, particularly with my Birth Story Medicine study, I’ve been mentored by Pam England, Former Creative Director of Birthing From Within and author of the book by the same name, Labyrinth of Birth and Ancient Map for Modern Birth. In 2019 I became the Birth Story Listening Facilitator for Australia and New Zealand.

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