I am passionate about providing holistic options for women and their partners in my community to prepare for birth and parenting. Through my experience as a Childbirth Educator (both Birthing From Within Mentor and HypnoBirthing Instructor) I have also seen that our community needs support for Birth Trauma and to heal from upsetting birth experiences. I am so happy to offer the only Birthing From Within classes and Birth Story Listening in Victoria, as well as being one of only a few Dunstan Baby Educators. Birthing From Within is one of the only holistic birth and parenting preparations available anywhere.

Here are the different services/classes that I offer:

Birthing From Within(R) Classes

Find out about this one of a kind Birth and Parenting preparation here . These classes are suitable for anyone having a baby. If you’re having a second (or more) baby also check out below Birthin Again Classes.

Birthin Again(R) Classes

These Birthing From Within style classes are just for women/couples having another baby. Click here for more info:

Dunstan Baby Language Classes

Are you wanting to understand your babies needs and know what its cries mean? Find out how with Dunstan Baby Language. For anyone whether you are having a first baby or having another, gain more tools in tuning into your baby and feel more confident about parenting. Click here for more info:

Birth Story Listening

Are you feeling upset, disappointed, angry, numb, empty or traumatised by a birth experience? Birth Story Listening can help you to explore and find new meaning in your birth story. Start healing today.

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