Birth Story Medicine Testimonials

Here’s what some of Nicole’s Birth Story Medicine clients are saying

I finally feel healed! I would highly recommend!

I’m becoming more and more focused on positive thinking about the traumatic birth of my son, since my session with Nicole from ‘Your Birth Support’.
Because of the support and guidance I received in my session I feel empowered.

I was given some mental tools to allow me to step back and have a birds eye view of my birth and not take on ownership of things I couldn’t control and just let go of my sadness that my body didn’t know what to do (even though I thought it was natural and it would all just happen).

Nicole’s session was truly awakening. I didn’t realise just how debilitating the birth of my son had been to my self esteem. Because I visited Nicole, my husband and I will be thrilled to work towards a more positive birth story for another child if we’re blessed again.

At my session, I found Nicole’s confidence in me very healing!

She had a wonderful ability to REALLY listen, to guide and give comfort and kindness…..and for that, I’m very indebted and blessed. ❤

Kristy Docking

My birth healing session was an opportunity to reflect on my birth experience from a birds’ eye view. Nicole’s gentle questioning technique guided me through my memories and enabled me to focus on the positive moments, which in my mind, had been overtaken by the negative.

I was overcome by emotion and teary throughout my own storytelling yet felt a deep emotional release. I left the session with a new, more realistic perspective of my experience and the tools to bring me back to the present whenever overtaken by my negative mind. Nicole was compassionate, had a strong knowledge of the birth process and had created an environment where I felt comfortable to share my story.

I recommend the Birth Healing session to all mothers: the time out to reflect on such a life-changing experience is indeed rewarding.

Keirra Patten

From the moment I was in touch with Nicole, I felt a sense of pressure release from the past 18 months since I’d given birth to my baby. Whenever I thought of my birth journey, I instantly  felt anxious and was unable to tell my story without feeling negative about it.

The minute my session began, I felt relaxed and a sense of calmness. Nicole was able to get me to tap into why I felt the way that I did. I was able to realise what happened, whilst beyond my control, I have a voice and I’m important regardless of the situation. At the beginning, I was unsure what I would gain from the session, but can honestly say I’m so glad I went, I only wish I had done it sooner. 


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