Birth Story Healing Circle

Have you been left feeling let down, disappointed or traumatised after giving birth?
Perhaps you just have a small moment of your birth that you still can’t shake?
Maybe you feel unresolved about something that happened during pregnancy, after birth or with breastfeeding?

The personal meaning these experiences have for us can be taken into our day and the rest of our lives. Into our mothering, our relationships with others and ourselves. It can cast a shadow over future pregnancy, birth and post natal times. The impact such experiences are having on us, is often not fully realised until we start to heal and untangle some of the upsetting and confusing feelings around it.

If you’re ready to explore and heal a previous experience, then this healing circle is for you!

When:         There are no birth story healing circles scheduled but you can book a private birth story medicine session instead here:

Where:       Shepparton. (Details forwarded with full payment and confirmation of your place)

Cost:           $50 (There are a couple of free places available for those with tight finances)

Fill in your details below to register your interest

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