Upcoming Birth Preparation Classes

Class dates (For those having their first baby or another baby)

The ideal time to attend classes is 22-35 weeks. From 2019 I’m offering a new one day in person and part online class series. This will include in person class on a Sunday from 9am-6pm (or sometimes 2 x 4 hour Sunday classes). You’ll be required to watch 2 hours of video lessons before class and have another 2 hours once class finishes. Support will be available after class to answer questions etc.

The cost for the combined one day in person and online course is $350 or direct debit is available and $47.50 per week for 8 weeks (this option is non-refundable and you need to request direct debit forms to complete and sign)

(12 hours plus total)

The next class is running early 2021. You need to be paid in full (or have signed a direct debit agreement) at least a week prior to this in order to access the pre-class videos.

If you’re having a second, third (or more) baby I sometimes offer Mum’s only classes as well. If you feel unresolved about a previous birth or post-natal experience it’s highly recommended to have a Birth Story Medicine session with Nicole.

If you are interested in a class please complete the contact form.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Exploring beliefs and expectations about birth
  • Hormones of birth and labourland
  • Stages of labour, including map for labour and the post natal time
  • 3-4 pain coping practices
  • Working through worries
  • Maternal positioning
  • How to ask questions and get information
  • Induction
  • Second stage of labour-birthing your baby
  • Pain coping for intense labour
  • Caesarean birth
  • How to do the next best thing
  • Planning for the post natal time
  • Exploring parenthood
  • Breastfeeding
  • Partners Class
  • Dunstan Baby Language/Baby Settling
  • More depending on what is ordered up

To enquire or book into a class click here: Contact me

Classes are run on weekends. It’s ideal if your partner can attend with you, but if they cannot attend it’s recommended to bring a friend, mum, sister or midwife along, but of course you can attend on your own. Group classes fees include you and your partner as well as notes or Birthing From Within workbook and pre and post class videos and pain coping audio tracks.

Most couples spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, buying a house, going on holidays and even buying numerous items in preparation for having a baby. The day you have your baby is a day you will never forget, it makes sense to prepare yourself on all levels. Don’t you and your baby deserve the same investment in preparing for birth and parenthood?

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