Preparing for birth?

Preparing to have your first baby or adding another child to the family can be an exciting, confusing and overwhelming time. The day you give birth is a day you will remember forever, so why not give yourself the gift of preparing on all levels for what’s to come? Birthing From Within classes are a truly unique preparation for you and your partner, and I am here to support you to find your way in exploring what is most important and most helpful for you. Everyone is different and there is no exception when it comes to birth and parenting. Rather than being given some magic formula for having a baby, each couple will take away something individual and personal for them, while gaining confidence in being able to cope with labour pain as well as anything that may come their way. Classes are balanced with a variety of information, practical exercises, pain coping and introspective exercises, which makes Birthing From Within the most holistic birth preparation available.

I began my journey by offering HypnoBirthing classes in 2006, and I found some great aspects to the classes, but was also aware that it’s idealistic nature really isn’t right for everyone as they approach birth. After a lengthy search I found a completely unique birth preparation style in Birthing From Within and while it does share similar ideas with HypnoBirthing in it’s mind over matter approach to pain coping, there really is nothing like it! I realised that every couple needs to be prepared for birth and parenting and anything that could come their way, and understand that these things come with unpredictably and surprises, and being prepared for this is a much more holistic approach. With my experience of both methods I bring a very extensive and unique mix of tools to help you in preparing for the birth and your baby. As a Naturopath I can also offer help with nutritional, herbal, homeopathic support for pregnancy and birth as well as breastfeeding support and baby care.

mum and baby

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