Nicole is a writer!

I’ve been working hard since 2017 on educating people about birth trauma and the sharing of birth stories. Here are my published articles.

How to Prepare Holistically for Birth

Preparing for birth in the modern day can be quite a challenge. I’m sure like most women, you have been bombarded with ideas about birth, watched dramatic scenes on television of women giving birth, and heard friends and family re-count their own experiences of giving birth. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to hear some more […]

Busting Birth Trauma Myths

You might be surprised to know that around 30% of women describe their birth experience as traumatic, and somewhere between 1.5-9% of women end up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after giving birth. Partners, family or friends who witness a birth can also suffer from birth trauma, as can Midwives, Doctors and Doula’s. Let’s […]

Preparing for birth?

Preparing to have your first baby or adding another child to the family can be an exciting, confusing and overwhelming time. The day you give birth is a day you will remember forever, so why not give yourself the gift of preparing on all levels for what’s to come? Birthing From Within classes are a truly unique […]

How to choose a birthing class article

©2012. Copyright Brandy Ferner. May be reproduced with full attribution and copyright. All rights reserved. How to Choose a Birthing Class By Brandy Ferner Birthing From Within Childbirth Mentor These days, when it comes to choosing a childbirth preparation class, couples can get easily overwhelmed by the different options and methods out there – some […]